Little Big Gift

We want you to be a hero. To feel what it is like to help another living being. To help ignite the passion that lives within you and for you to be able to see the good that you do and share it with others.

The idea is pretty simple. Together, we find well deserving recipients and determine what gift will change their world. A recipient could be a hospital, a school, a community or an individual. The gifts may vary dramatically depending on the needs of each recipient and each gift is designed to not only benefit the recipient but also have a flow-on effect that could change the entire community around them.

This is where you come in. By donating even a few dollars to help reach the gift goal you will become a Gifter – that is really cool! As a Gifter you will  part of a community of Gifters that are positively helping to change the lives of other people and tangibly be involved in what’s happening as it happens!  A blog will be created for each gift so that you can follow the projects progress and see how you have changed the world. AWESOME!

There are a few rules:

  1. We choose the recipients – currently our selection region is “Angeles City, Phillipines” but this will grow over time.
  2. Only one gift per person/family, and more than one person needs to benefit from the gift.
  3. The gift must have a recurring value – it needs to have long term benefits.
  4. At the moment we only give one gift at a time, a current gift must be finalised before launching the next gift.
  5. Donate as much or as little as you want from $1 to any amount.
  6. Once the gift is delivered, we will follow the progress of the project and publish the results.
  7. Each recipient is encouraged to share their blessing in some way – no matter how small (outside their family, community or organisation).

We are working on our web site – as you can see, there is not much content here at the moment, but we hope to change that over the next few months with your help. Soon we will be launching a new web site and mobile applications that will allow you to make small donations to charities or communities with a single click. Until then please be patient – we are working on it.

Our goal is to closely monitor all of the projects and your donations to help provide an accurate, easy to read report on every aspect of our operation. It is ridiculously transparent.