Unbelievably ethical & completely transparent.

Our dream

We want to make the process of helping another being so simple that it is almost magical and reward the effort by showing each person the difference they have made.

What we think

We believe you can change the world, we just want to make it easier. We want to help you save another guest on this planet and in the process ignite the passion that will drive change and renew the way we think of others who need a little help.


We are disgusted with the financial and ethical practices of many charities. These organisations often waste money through mis-management and excessive spending, then shamelessly hide or endorse this behaviour and we don’t like it one little bit!

So it’s broken, what are you going to do?

We’re making it easier for you to help those who really need it. A single click could literally change the life of another being. A little over dramatic? Maybe, but we are on a mission.

So how would you do it?

Using our web site or mobile applications you can buy a token, it will cost you three bucks a throw. If you are happy to let us decide where it goes then all you have to do is sit back and wait for us to let you know how you changed the world. If you want to choose where the money goes that is ok too, just select your favourite charity (if available) and we will deliver your donation and best wishes lickity-split.

We will make sure that your donation gets to where it is going without being eaten up along the way, and that’s a promise.

Not only do we ensure the safe delivery of your precious gift, we will show you who has it, where it is, and what it was used for. We had to come up with a simple way of describing this process, so we termed the phrase ‘ridiculously transparent’ – we make the emperor look overdressed!

Will you give money to my favourite charity?

Maybe. If you provide the name of your favcha (‘favourite charity’, we just made that up right then!) we will investigate them. If they adhere to our fund distribution requirements and usage reporting we will be more than happy to allocate funds to them.

But won’t this cannibalise other charities?

You bet! These guys need to change the way they spend your donations. We hope that our example will help these organisations refocus on what is truly important.

Will people know how great I am?

While we are a little modest, you don’t need to be. If you choose, your profile achievements and milestones can be automatically published to the web site and social media.

Can I meet people as awesome as me?

Sure, share your awesomeness! The web site will have a community section with forums and blogs.

The golden rule

Rest assured that your donations will never be used for any other purpose than helping those in need. They will not be used for any internal company activity.

Who is going to pay for all this?

Well, we are not too sure right now. A bunch of time and some initial hosting will be provided by the good people at Zerofuse, but we will need more than that. We will be looking for non-monetary donations and sponsorships over the next little while, and because we need to deal with the smelly lawyers, these donations may not be tax deductible.

So, how will you pay for this stuff?

Well, you are just full of questions aren’t you? We intend to generate the revenue used to run the organisation through sponsorship and advertising.

Sponsorship – selling our soul

We are going to need help and are going to have to suck-up to get it. We will be selling sponsorships to try to get things moving. What do the sponsors get? Well not much, a logo on our site, a bit of respect, some karma points, but that is about all.

Advertising – selling your soul

There may be some advertising on the web site and in the apps, you are going to have to deal with that. Without it we would have to use a percentage of the donations to run everything – please refer to ‘The golden rule’.

What we will do:

  • Promise to do our best to make sure your donation gets to where it is needed quickly and intact;
  • Appreciate every donation and never take your effort for granted;
  • Track your donation and publish the results;
  • Be completely fair, open and honest;
  • Adhere to a strict code of ethics and conduct;
  • Pay for running costs with advertising and sponsorships only;
  • Build a community of like-minded people;
  • Always run the business efficiently, keeping running costs to a minimum;
  • Help you change the world.

What we won’t do:

  • Use donations for any other purpose;
  • Harras you in the street;
  • Call you;
  • Send you expensive printed literature;
  • Spend money on advertising;
  • Mow you lawn.

What is in it for us?

We don’t make profit. We have expenses as we don’t get much for free and we have to pay some staff, they still need to eat. But that is about all. Our reward is that we get to play a small part in making things a little better. Our reward is the end result. Our reward is how it makes you feel knowing you have made a difference. In the end it is you who is changing the world, we are just happy to help out.

Back to work

You are sure kind of pushy, but that is ok. And you are right there is a heap to get done so we better get back to it. If you want to keep in touch, drop us a quick email to and we will keep you up to date. Until then, keep thinking positive and know you have the power to change the world.